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 New Driving test in England, Scotland and Wales on Monday December 4 2017.

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New Driving test in England, Scotland and Wales on Monday December 4 2017. Empty
PostSubject: New Driving test in England, Scotland and Wales on Monday December 4 2017.   New Driving test in England, Scotland and Wales on Monday December 4 2017. Icon_minitimeMon Dec 04, 2017 1:59 pm

(ermmm...no this is not April Fools Day  joke gone wrong !!)

As from the the stated date, if you live in England, Wales or Scotland and are seeking to take your ( normal)Driving test you will hopefully be aware of  the changes that come into effect ( and for readers who have already 'sat' the new test...how did you get on???)


Learners will now have to show they can use a sat-nav as part of the test
Quote :
When do the new rules about driving tests come into effect?

The new rules were introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in England, Scotland and Wales on Monday December 4 2017.

All car driving tests taken from 4 December 2017 will follow the new format - and that includes if you fail a test before then, and retake your test after.

Plus you'll take the new test if your test has been cancelled or moved for any reason and the new test date is after today.

More than 4,500 learner drivers and 850 instructors took part in trials at 32 locations across Britain.

The price, pass mark and length of driving tests will not change.

As long as candidates make 15 or less minor faults, and no major faults they will pass - these faults are not changing with the new rules.

A driving test will still take around 40 minutes to complete.

As the use of Sat Naves ( Satellite Navigation...you know those  'things' up in the sky that 'watch over us'?) have become  much more 'common- place ' it was decided by 'whoever' to  make a change to the Driving test to ensure those  who use them  know how to use them and also when to just ignore them too !!!

When you use Sat Nav you also  do need to know ' in your minds eye' where you actually are, are to traveling in the correct direction , and never ever  100% rely on the Sat Nav to get you to your  hopeful location without incident

(mine has tried to get me to drive into the sea off a pier , drive into a field  and send me to the wrong town )  
A read of this lot will give you some more information


And if you select one of these  on this link you can have a go at an on line theory test  plus a hazard perception test

Bearing in mind that I am an experienced driver  I have  had a go at several and from and from what I saw  they are very thorough and get you thinking !!!!

One problem still remains; the moment you pass your  Driving test  you are then allowed onto Motorways; but as a Learner you are never allowed to drive on a Motorway ;I helped someone to learn how to drive ; several days  later ,once they had passed their test, I then drove on the motorway with them in the passenger seat and gave them a 'running commentary' on what I was doing and and what I was observing ; when we changed seats and put  the green 'P' plates on they then drove the car on the motorway with me very actively supervising the driving and  constantly ensuring our and other motorists safety ; i understand that   the DVLA are aware of this problem of  inexperienced new drivers on motorways and I believe that they are to introduce specially trained and qualified Instructors to take Learners on to Motorways to get them that  experience they so need !!


So...that lot said...try your hand at  some theory tests


go on...have a go !!!!!

And safe driving out there too !!! study study lol! bounce
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New Driving test in England, Scotland and Wales on Monday December 4 2017.
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