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 Do you think your computer is infected or needs a 'health check -up'?

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PostSubject: Do you think your computer is infected or needs a 'health check -up'?   Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:38 pm

Do you have a nagging feeling your computer is not under your full control ? Do you think that  you may have an infection  or want an expert to check  the machine for you ? Question
Do you think it could do with a good health check- over? study

If so please check out one of these sites who are specialists in so doing  Idea

You will need to register with one of them  , then follow their specific instructions on what scans to run etc then await one of their experts  to review  your scan result and ' go- from- there'

However, a warning; if you do do P2P you can expect to get infected and you can expect to be told by whichever forum you choose to register with that you must uninstall the P2P program you have before they will even consider checking over your machine as it is a virtual guarantee that you will get infected if you  run P2P on your computer   Evil or Very Mad

That said here is your list to make your choice of which  forum to go to for  a health 'check- up' bounce
Taken from forums whose members belong to UNITE

and whose philosophy and training are

Quote :
If you are being helped by a member of UNITE, you can be assured that you are receiving help from a well trained malware fighter who has the support of hundreds of the industry’s best experts…

Quote :
UNITE members are people from all walks of life who have taken the time to graduate from at least one of the big online training institutions, or have comparable experience. Each institution runs completely independently, but each has one goal in mind: the safe and successful removal of malware from every victim’s computer.





study  lol!
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Do you think your computer is infected or needs a 'health check -up'?
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