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 Facebook 'Facts' ( Newspaper report ;includes Nun expelled from Convent )

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Facebook 'Facts' ( Newspaper report  ;includes Nun expelled from Convent ) Empty
PostSubject: Facebook 'Facts' ( Newspaper report ;includes Nun expelled from Convent )   Facebook 'Facts' ( Newspaper report  ;includes Nun expelled from Convent ) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 03, 2011 11:03 am

Well worth a browse and read >>Facebook and The Sacked Nun >>

Quote :
Founded in a poky university dorm by a computer-science student and self-confessed geek, its beginnings were inauspicious.
Now, Facebook has 600 million users and Mark Zuckerberg is worth £9 billion.
To mark its seventh birthday, Laura Powell presents Facebook by numbers...

Quote :
The sacked nun, a baby called Facebook and the story of the world's most popular website

One comment springs to mind

Quote :
600 is the number of Facebook friends nun Sister Maria Jesus Galan (nicknamed ‘Sister Internet’), inset, had before she was expelled earlier this year from the Spanish convent she had lived in for 35 years. The reason? She reportedly spent too much time on Facebook.

This does not surprise me in the slightest

In Religious Life you take vows of Poverty ,Chastity and Obedience ( unless you are in the O.S.B. in which they are worded slightly 'different' but with the same' intent ')

This individual , if she did as they say she did, misused her time by being on the Internet ( who payed for the electicity for the Computer ? )
She would have had to neglect her Prayer Duties and maybe even the Time she needs to spend Saying the Divine Office!! ( let alone time with her fellow Sisters and community work )

You may wish to ask yourself just how much time you spend on Facebook and ..is it really that essential for/to your life or are you overlooking something in your life that really has more priority than Facebook ??

If a Nun managed to get herself expelled from her Convent , what are you at risk of in your life?
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Facebook 'Facts' ( Newspaper report ;includes Nun expelled from Convent )
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