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 Plane crash....Why keep a computer clean?

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PostSubject: Plane crash....Why keep a computer clean?   Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:29 pm


Quote :
authorities investigating the 2008 crash of Spanair flight 5022 have discovered a central computer system used to monitor technical problems in the aircraft was infected with malware.

An internal report issued by the airline revealed the infected computer failed to detect three technical problems with the aircraft, which if detected, may have prevented the plane from taking off, according to reports in the Spanish newspaper, El Pais.

Flight 5022 crashed just after takeoff from Madrid-Barajas International Airport two years ago today, killing 154 and leaving only 18 survivors.
that is one very good reason why

an infected computer on a plane created a plane crash
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Plane crash....Why keep a computer clean?
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