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 The 'I Love you' Wall Post Chain ; a warning

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PostSubject: The 'I Love you' Wall Post Chain ; a warning   Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:59 am

Apparently there is a Chain going around Facebook called "I love you" that makes you post a Coded message on 10 friend's Walls and, if you receive more than 10 on your profile, this means you're loved.

ALL of us are 'loved' ...if only we realised it;

It does not need a Chain with the capability of infecting Computers to tell you that

As I am sure you know, Code is one vehicle ( method ) by which infections can be spread

You should not be forced by Facebook to do anything you do not wish to do , especially sending apparently 'innocent' Code to people
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The 'I Love you' Wall Post Chain ; a warning
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